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Which type of initial consultation fits you?

In order to truly understand your needs regarding your home, we do always start with an initial free consultation at your home or by phone, during which we will adjust our regular home cleaning to your needs. Choose whether you prefer a personal home visit or a phone call.

Personal Home Visit

We recommend a personal home visit, in order for us to better understand your needs and habits regarding your household chores at your home. We will go through your needs together in order to serve you the best regular home cleaning. We're available in the whole of Warsaw and the visit usually takes about 1 hour.

Telephone Call

We can also call you by phone. Just leave your phone number and we will arrange a short phone call to go through your needs to serve you the best regular home cleaning. The phone call usually takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can also be arranged through FaceTime.

Or download Stepapp app and book your regular home cleaning in no time:

You can add details about your home and notes for your cleaner in the app.

Download Stepapp and set your home on autopilot.

Manage reservations and receive notifications about upcoming cleanings.

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Personalize your subscription and adapt it to your needs on a regular basis

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Frequently asked questions about cleaning at Stepapp.

  • How is the first cleaning order going?

    You can order your first cleaning through our free initial consultation or directly in the app. If you have special requests about what to keep in mind in your home, you can add them in the app or tell the cleaner directly (if you're at home during cleaning or via chat). Otherwise, the cleaners will follow Stepapp's cleaning standards. We always contact you if any questions arise during cleaning.

  • What do I need to have at home before cleaning?

    The only things you need to have in your home before cleaning are a vacuum cleaner, mop, and bucket. We always have our cleaning products and microfiber cloths with us. If the surfaces in your home require special agents that we may not have, please let us know before cleaning.

  • Can I be at home while a professional is cleaning?

    Of course, but it's also worth knowing that you don't have to - we will inform you about the progress in the app.

  • Can I book the same cleaner several times?

    When it comes to regular cleaning, you will always get the same cleaner (which you can change if you wouldl like to), but for occasional one-off cleanings, unfortunately we can't guarantee the same contractor for every one-time cleaning.

    On the other hand, if you will like a specific cleaner after a one-off cleaning, we can always assign him/her to you for regular cleaning.

  • How long will cleaning take?

    When ordering cleaning, you specify the size and type of your home. Based on this, we calculate how long your cleaning will take. The contractor knows exactly how much it should take to clean up your home in accordance with the list of our standards. Don't worry if something may take longer - we will never charge extra for additional cleaning time. You always know the price before you place a booking.