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This is included in the home cleaning

We make sure to apply the best practices, and our cleaners are trained in their profession. See how much our core service covers.

All rooms

• Vacuuming and wiping floors, sockets, door frames, tables and shelves

• Wiping dust from surfaces and mirrors

• Emptying the bins and taking out the rubbish if you wish so


• Making the beds and wiping the headboards

• Putting clean clothes in the wardrobe

• Packing dirty laundry into the washing machine if you wish so


• Wiping dust from countertops, cabinets and household appliances

• Washing the dishes that are in the sink

• Emptying the bins and taking out the rubbish


• Wiping cabinets, mirrors and tiles

• Cleaning the wash basin, shower, bathtub and toilet

• Removing stains from surfaces and mirrors

Stepapp Subscription

Additional services for additional pleasure.

Modify your subscription depending on your current needs.

With Stepapp, you can expand your basic cleaning with additional services at any time. Alternatively, you can write to your dedicated assistant.

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